The Ghost is Dancing Battles On

Throwing their musical two cents into the wishing well that is the Canadian indie rock scene, Toronto, ON's the Ghost Is Dancing return with Battles On, expanding their exuberant delivery and "Ring Around The Rosie" live show. After receiving positive reviews with their sharp debut, The Darkest Spark, the Ghost Is Dancing have hooked up with producer Chris Stringer, who's gotten a lot of mileage from fellow Toronto bands the Coast, Ohbijou and Timber Timbre, to lay down 12 hook-laden songs. In its best moments, Battles On is brave and clever; "Dream of a Failed Architect" is as busy and amorphous as anything the band have ever laid to tape. "Was a Universe" focuses on Sahara-sized pacing, utilizing the unique melody of the guitar with featherweight vocals. Although the ingredients are tantalizing, sprawling, gentle intros, gliding melodies and bombastic choruses, Battles On follows too much of that same formula to justify repeat spins. (Sonic Unyon)