The Ghost Inside Get What You Give

The Ghost InsideGet What You Give
Taking their current moniker in 2007, the Ghost Inside didn't make a huge splash in the metalcore scene until the 2010 release of Returners. With the jump from Mediaskare to Epitaph, and from producer Shane Frisby to Jeremy McKinnon (of A Day to Remember fame), the band could expect another leap forward in popularity with Get What You Give. The music on the album in question follows the group's trajectory into more commercial territory. The Ghost Inside's most melodic album even includes a foray into the risky territory of clean singing, but they manage to avoid the usual backlash by not forcing the singing parts, which mercifully only appear on "Engine 45" and "Dark Horse." However, they fall victim to other metalcore clichés, such as the shotgun-to-breakdown explosion on breakdown-heavy opener "This Is What I Know About Sacrifice." But tracks like "Test the Limits," "Slipping Away" and the aforementioned numbers containing singing prove the act are anything but. While it may not be the Ghost Inside's best work ― that title still belongs to ReturnersGet What You Give is an impressive addition to their discography and will certainly boost their profile. (Epitaph)