Ghost Heart The Tunnel

Although Michigan is mostly known for its garage rock, techno and hip-hop (in roughly that order), its burgeoning indie rock scene goes sadly unnoticed. Bands like PAS/CAL, Saturday Looks Good to Me and Outrageous Cherry have helped define the state's ode to syrupy melodies and diminutive vocals. Ghost Heart take this formula into the next decade with The Tunnel, a collection of songs that remain shapeless and conceptual. It's no secret that the four-piece have heard a song or two by Animal Collective, as everything from the album art (an earth-tone mess of colours and scribbled fonts), song titles ("Phantom Harmony," "Wilderness") and structures (heart-pounding bass drums, chant-like vocals, spacious rhythms) subtly whisper, "freak folk." Somehow, Ghost Heart manage to inject charm and leftfield ideals into numbers like "Wherever You Are" and "Black Sin." If The Tunnel is Ghost Heart's way of finding their sound, the band have themselves some excellent leads. (Friction)