Ghost Cousin "Breakfast and Tea" (video)

Ghost Cousin 'Breakfast and Tea' (video)
Ghost Cousin's debut album may be called Scotland, but the band actually hail from Edmonton. Following the collection's release last year, they have now shared a video for the track "Breakfast and Tea."

The low-key pop-rock song was written by bassist Matthew Gooding, and he also produced and edited the video. He put it together using public domain found footage, which is used for some cryptic-looking projections.

Gooding explained the song with the following statement:

"Breakfast and Tea" is about the first time I was okay with growing up. It was during an unremarkable trip to Calgary with my mom when I was a teenager. I was feeling disconnected from my family at that time and the couple days spent alone with my mom allowed me to bond with her in a way I hadn't. I felt like we were ourselves in front of each other. The focal point of the memory is the tea I had with the hotel breakfast we ordered on the morning of our return. I had only had tea before when my mom was making it for herself at night and ordering it for breakfast was a signal to me that I was growing up. The complete lightness of the moment allowed me to be okay with that. I also remember my mom being a little surprised by my openness and joviality because, until then, I had been moving farther inside myself and building a surly and repulsive exterior. I doubt she would remember this breakfast if I questioned her about it but for me it is a fond and pivotal memory.

Watch it below. Ghost Cousin will perform in Toronto's NXNE at the Paddock on June 19.

Ghost Cousin - Breakfast And Tea from Ghost Cousin on Vimeo.