Ghost B.C. Infestissumam

Ghost B.C.Infestissumam
It's been impossible to ignore Swedish heavy metal juggernauts Ghost, as their dark star has been in ascent since the release of their widely praised and Grammis-nominated debut record, Opus Eponymous, in late 2010. Known for their intensely theatrical live performances and the anonymity of the members (frontman and vocalist Papa Emeritus II performs dressed as an undead cardinal, while the rest of the band are hooded and cloaked, referred to collectively as Nameless Ghouls), Ghost have drawn comparisons to Mercyful Fate, Witchfinder General and even Blue Öyster Cult. Recently forced to change their name to Ghost B.C. in the U.S. for legal reasons, Ghost continue to think of themselves without the suffix (their label's website remarks, "the 'B.C.' is silent when spoken aloud, please remember that"). The grudgingly accepted name addition is the only thing that has changed about Ghost, as fans of their last album will be equally taken with Infestissumam. The classic heavy metal and surf rock elements that made their debut so appealing are intact, with some additional psychedelia and more driving, intense guitar riffs. "Secular Haze" is huge and anthemic, while "Idolatrine" has an unexpectedly glam energy and closer "Monstrance Clock" melds doom and pop into an unexpectedly delicious combo. Always skirting the edge of over-the-top, bombastic theatricality, Ghost are unquestionably the experts of feel-good satanic jams. (Loma Vista)