Getaway What Can You Do?

With the unwarranted hype being dished out on all those mall-punk poseurs (paging Simple Plan, Good Charlotte, New Found Glory, et al.), it's surely a bad time to be hip poster boys playing aggressive melodic music if you're halfway serious about it. The five lads of the Getaway are likely to find themselves undeservedly being lumped in with those bands and possibly being dismissed just as quickly. That's a shame, because while they certainly have a look that will make teenage girls swoon and a sound that would have them at home on most modern rock radio stations, they are not jumping on a bandwagon; they come by their sound quite naturally. Vocalist Matt Wesley was doing this stuff long before it was a million-selling proposition and his appreciation for and knowledge of real melodic punk comes through in the band's presentation. Their songs are fast and catchy and are about things most people will be able to relate to. Let's hope that they are able to get that point across. (Re-Define)