The Get Up Kids Return with New LP

The Get Up Kids Return with New LP
It's been a while since the Get Up Kids first announced their reformation in 2008. Following a three-year break up, the band returned for a one-off show, which eventually turned into a handful of shows to support last year's deluxe reissue of their iconic album, Something to Write Home About. After spending so much time together on the road, it was no surprise, then, that the Missouri-bred musicians also made plans to write some new music. Now, the group are ready to unveil their new album, which has been titled There Are Rules.

A press release explains that the 12 new songs that make up There Are Rules were "sparked by a spur-of-the-moment decision to start writing songs together again." Perhaps as a testament to the album title, the group explain that if a song wasn't fun within the first couple of minutes of playing it, then why bother play it at all?

"This record came together really organically," explains singer/guitarist Matt Pryor in statement. "We'd throw out an idea and if it didn't work after 30 minutes we'd scrap it and move on to another one. We all wrote together really spontaneously and then fleshed it out with Ed [Rose, producer] in the studio."

While the record brings back together the classic lineup of Pryor, guitarist Jim Suptic, bassist Rob Pope, drummer Ryan Pope and keyboardist James Dewees, There Are Rules also brings back longtime producer Rose. Bob Weston, who produced the band's debut full length Four Minute Mile, returns to the fold as well via a mastering job.

Though promising to "mark a return to the early days of the Get Up Kids, when they formed 15 years ago above a drum store in downtown Kansas City," the record still marks the beginning of a new era for the outfit. The five-piece have started a record label, called Quality Hill, just for the occasion. While the group found their biggest success via their albums on Vagrant Records, Pryor wanted the Get Up Kids to return to their DIY roots for this project.

"We had a really great relationship with Vagrant, but we felt that with the proverbial rebirth of the band we wanted to start our own label," Pryor said. "Do everything ourselves like we did in the beginning."

There Are Rules will be released on January 25.

There Are Rules:

1. "Tithe"
2. "Regent's Court"
3. "Shatter Your Lungs"
4. "Automatic"
5. "Pararelevant"
6. "Rally 'Round the Fool"
7. "Better Lie"
8. "Keith Case"
9. "The Widow Paris"
10. "Birmingham"
11. "When It Dies"
12. "Rememorable"