Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor on Weezer: "They're Jackasses"

Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor on Weezer: "They're Jackasses"
Matt Pryor, guitarist/vocalist of recently reunited emo poppers the Get Up Kids, has gone on record about Weezer. And what was said doesn't paint the Weezer guys in the most flattering of lights.

In an interview with Spinner, Pryor recalls touring with Weezer in 2001. Apparently, there is a scene on the DVD that accompanies the recent reissue of the Get Up Kids' 1999 breakthrough, Something to Write Home About, where the Kids are shown smashing their instruments at the end of the tour.

Pryor says the destruction got no reaction from the constantly aloof Weezer. He goes on to say, incredibly, the two bands toured together for a month and nothing the Kids did got a reaction out of Weezer. In fact, the two groups never spoke at all.

"They never said anything to us for that entire tour," Pryor said. "They're the only band I've toured with for a month that I've never spoken to. They're jackasses."

Pryor went on to tell a story where the two bands were playing in Milwaukee and Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick wanted to join Weezer on stage. Rivers Cuomo and the guys declined, so the rock legends joined the Get Up Kids on stage instead. Apparently, the Cheap Trick members' kids were fans of both bands.

But, always the bridesmaids, the Get Up Kids didn't get to party with the rock star sons after the gig, while Weezer did. The Get Up Kids did get the last laugh that time though, because as they were jamming on stage with the Cheap Tricksters, Pryor said that Nielsen gave the guitar he had borrowed from Weezer to the crowd.

The Get Up Kids are currently touring in support of the Something to Write Home About reissue.

Weezer's Raditude is set to be released on October 27. It is the band's seventh full-length.