Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor Announces New Solo Album

Get Up Kids' Matt Pryor Announces New Solo Album
While earlier this year Matt Pryor got together with his emo buddies the Get Up Kids for their first album since 2004, the Kansas-bred musician will be focusing on his own tunes for the next little bit, as outlined by his next solo set, May Day.

The follow-up to 2008's Confidence Man, May Day is being released by Pryor via funds he secured from fans via a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $23,000. On top of covering costs, fans voted on the artwork for the album, which you can see above. The image was selected from a handful of shots Pryor had collected over the years, often while out on tour with the Get Up Kids.

Despite its springtime title, May Day will be issued January 24. You can check out the tracklisting below.

Thanks to Punknews for the tip.

May Day:

1. "Don't Let The Bastards Get You Down"
2. "The Lies Are Keeping Me Here"
3. "Where Do We Go From Here"
4. "Like A Professional"
5. "As If I Could Fall In Love Again"
6. "Polish The Broken Glass"
7. "Unhappy Is The Only Happy That You'll Ever Be"
8. "As Lies Go... This One Is Beautiful"
9. "Your New Favorite"
10. "You Won't Get Any Blood From Me"
11. "I Was A Witness"
12. "What My Tired Eyes Would View"