Get Reviews of Fast Five, The Conspirator, Hoodwinked Too in Our Weekly Film Roundup

Get Reviews of <i>Fast Five</i>, <i>The Conspirator</i>, <i>Hoodwinked Too</i> in Our Weekly Film Roundup
With Rio and Hop dominating the box office for the last four weeks, it's time that a film not specifically oriented towards the kiddies took the top spot. Unfortunately, it looks as if something of quality won't fill that void, since the only big releases this week involve either fast cars and guns or insipid teens getting their prom on. But who knows, maybe our reviews of the latest titles in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed section will reveal a diamond in the rough.

It's been two years since the Fast & Furious gang last sped around spewing laughable dialogue and abiding by antiquated gender standards, which means that it's about time for another derivative go at mastering car porn. And, hey, maybe this time out an overly bulky man will speed around in a car or a comely lass will run around in a bikini. You can find out by reading our review of Fast Five (pictured). Perhaps it will also expand on why the creators went with the title Fast Five rather than Furious Five.

Coming in on the other end of the spectrum is Mary Surratt biopic The Conspirator, wherein Robin Wright plays a woman charged with conspiring to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. One can only guess if a violated constitution and her lack of rights mirror anything that has happened in United States history in the last decade.

For something a little more lighthearted, we also have a review of the colourful children's film Hoodwinked Too, which follows in the footsteps of the original Hoodwinked, only with a lot more talking and periphery noise.

On the teen front, we have a review of the melodrama Prom, which, unsurprisingly, is about teens preparing for their prom.

Of course, if you're in Toronto, you may want to forego all of these options and check out something at the Hot Docs Film Festival, which we have reviews for in our Hot Docs section.

To read up on additional theatrical film reviews, check out the Recently Reviewed section.