Get Ready for 'House at the End of the Street,' 'Trouble with the Curve,' 'Dredd' and More in This Week's Film Roundup

Get Ready for 'House at the End of the Street,' 'Trouble with the Curve,' 'Dredd' and More in This Week's Film Roundup
Not only are there plenty of great new movies in theatres this week, but there are also several TIFF titles that are getting a wide release. There's a mix of horror, comedy, action and drama in this week's new titles, so make sure that you check out Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed section to see what your best bets are this weekend.

Featuring two Oscar-nominated actresses, the first film in our list is the horror flick House at the End of the Street (pictured). The film stars Elisabeth Shue and Jennifer Lawrence as a mother and daughter taking on the supernatural after moving to a small town, where their closest neighbour is a college-aged recluse who lives alone in a house where his family was murdered. Needless to say, horror ensues.

Also, coming out of retirement for one more starring role is Clint Eastwood in Trouble with the Curve. Although Eastwood claimed to retired from acting after Gran Torino in 2008, he proves that he is still more than capable of carrying a movie in this drama about baseball and family.

Although the comedy troupe had to say good bye to their series Picnicface, they manage to make it on to the big screen with their avant-garde comedy style in Roller Town. This film stars comedian Mark Little playing a young man attempting to save his beloved roller rink from becoming a videogame arcade. Also, director Kim Nguyen gives us a glimpse of the life of a child soldier with Rebelle, about a 12-year-old girl forced to shoot her parents and take up arms as a fighter.

Lastly, several TIFF titles are getting wide release this week so make sure to go check them out. To start things off, Paul Thomas Anderson probes the history of Scientology with his controversial film The Master. Then make sure you know the law for the graphic novel adaptation Dredd, and lastly, Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Anthony Peña star in the realistic crime thriller End of Watch.

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