Get Quick How the Story Goes

Being an ardent fan of the Rainbow Quartz roster is a little like being a connoisseur of ketchup. Both endeavours require the ability to pick out the minutest subtleties within an amalgam of flavours that, to less experienced palates at least, look, taste or sound damn near identical. In fairness to Heinz, most folks who don’t smoke a pack a day can tell premium ketchup from a generic knockoff. In fairness to Rainbow Quartz, not all of the bands on the New York City-based label’s roster sound as though they still suffer mahogany boners every time someone wonders aloud just who the Eggman was after all. The Get Quick, however, aren’t one of those standout RQ bands. Rather, the Philadelphia quartet are as unremarkable a band of Beatles disciples as you’re likely to find anywhere, save, perhaps for the Singles — another RQ outfit that may as well just be covering the Lennon-McCartney catalogue outright. The Get Quick’s one-sheet (the short bio that comes with review CDs) cites such comparisons as Urge Overkill, BTO and Roxy Music — nonsense. The band sound like the Beatles and, maybe, Guided By Voices, but only at the unit’s most Beatles-esque. If your appreciation of music begins and ends with the Beatles, then check this disc out. Otherwise, invest your listening time in some of the other RQ acts like the High Dials, Telepathic Butterflies, Outrageous Cherry and Frontier Index (among others) who are ultimately being done a disservice by their carrier’s passion for mediocre wannabe Fab Fours and the associative reputation that accompanies such an affliction. (Rainbow Quartz)