Get the Latest from Monogrenade, Sillyboy, Big Sean and More in Our Music/Video Roundup

Get the Latest from Monogrenade, Sillyboy, Big Sean and More in Our Music/Video Roundup
A lot can happen in seven days, and last week saw the release of some exciting new music and videos. To help acquaint you with some of the treasures, we've picked out a handful of the best from the week's haul to catch you up before the new week of music. Take a gander at tour picks below and stop by Music/Video section for more.

Last week we got a helping of Monogrenade with our Monday when the space-y Montreal rock outfit shared their new album, Composite. After a cryptic trailer for the album last December and a couple of hints here and there about the album, fans finally get the chance to indulge in the vintage synth sounds and electro-funk on the new record.

Athenian electro-pop player Sillyboy also shared a video for his song "Do It Again" last Thursday, and what a video it was. Almost entirely in slow-motion, the video is four and a half minutes of madness, featuring tutus, 3D glasses, smokey skateboarders, hula-hoops and a Canada Day's-worth of sparklers, among many more unexplainable happenings, all playing out to the R&B-inspired song. This one might require repeat viewings to take it all in.

Big Sean unveiled the violent video for his song "Ashley," in which the G.O.O.D. rapper gets caught in a mugging-turned-kidnapping. The video does get the NSFW tag due to some coke-fuelled sex and some pretty gruesome action, though.

For something a little more pleasing, stream Del Barber's new record. The Canadian country singer-songwriter spins tales of life in the Prairies on Prairieography, his forthcoming album, which makes for a slightly more safe-for-work experience.

Finally, for those of you out there who loved Lorde's Grammy-winning hit "Royals," but just felt a little let down by the lack of pots and pans in the song, this past week saw your wish granted. Zorch singer/drummer Sam Chown's solo project Shmu shared a dizzying, kitchen-inspired rendition of the single, along with a song of his own. "Mollasacre," a groovy electro-funk track, is a taste of the dreamy new EP Chroma Key.

If you're still looking for some more new music and videos, keep tabs on our Music/Video section for more musical goodies every day.