Get the Latest from Hollerado, Teenage Kicks, Josh Homme and the Weeknd in our Click Hear Roundup

Get the Latest from Hollerado, Teenage Kicks, Josh Homme and the Weeknd in our Click Hear Roundup
It's a new week, and even though you are probably rushing off to the polls to cast your all-important ballot, you can still hit pause on the insanity of election day for a couple of minutes and check out the latest new music. After all, there's a lot up for grabs in Exclaim! Click Hear section. Here are just some of the recent streams, videos and downloads available.

Many bands and artists these days have begun promoting themselves by giving away their music for free, and Toronto, ON's Teenage Kicks have continued that trend with Rational Anthems, their new EP, which you can download for the price of a tweet.

For something completely different, Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has lent his skills to Aqua Teen Hunger Force by penning the show's new theme song. All you need to celebrate is a TV, a couple of bong hits and some late night take-out.

Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder have been dropping new records, creating new documentaries and crashing Minutemen co-founder Mike Watt's Seattle, WA gig. Watch them play a one-two punch of "Big Train" and a cover of the Stooges' "Fun House." Next, folk singer-songwriter William Fitzsimmons continues to introduce us to different sides of his new Gold in the Shadow record with a new tastefully done video for "Beautiful Girl."

Back on the Canadian front, you might have seen Torontonian indie rock upstarts Hollerado (pictured) on a rampage the last time you were shopping for an umbrella. If you couldn't find one, it's probably because they all wound up in this video for "Got to Lose," which you can sit back and enjoy as a consolation while you soak at your computer. Also, Toronto, ON-based R&B singer the Weeknd has risen to indie stardom at such a quick pace that he's already getting the remix treatment, courtesy of Donnis. Check out Donnis's remix of "Loft Music," a track off the House of Balloons mixtape.

Lastly, My Morning Jacket have reached the teaser stage of the hype and buildup for their upcoming Circuital record, their first since 2008's Evil Urges, and you can now check out "Holdin on to Black Metal."

Be sure to get out and vote today, but also check out our Click Hear section for all the latest in new music streams, videos and downloads.