Get the Latest From the Glorious Sons, Lil B, Bend Sinister and More in Our Music/Video Roundup

Get the Latest From the Glorious Sons, Lil B, Bend Sinister and More in Our Music/Video Roundup
The Sochi Olympics (and related protests and controversies) weren't the only thing to watch last week. As always, there were new music and videos getting released every day, and in case you missed out, here are a few of the biggies.

First off, we got a new video from Kingston, ON rock troupe the Glorious Sons. The video features the band playing their song "White Noise" off of their Shapeless Art EP from last year, all in monochrome on a large sound stage. The performance is also cut with footage of the band shotgunning beers, partying with some friends and swapping through a collection of costumes during a photo shoot.

Lil B graced us with another entry in his gargantuan mixtape collection. The Pack member dropped the 31-track Basedworld Paradise mixtape, which include cuts like "The BasedGod is Perfect," "Im Tupac" and "Hip Hop 101," wrapped up in some cheeky, Kanye-inspired artwork, all available to download for free. Thank you, BasedGod.

Vancouver outfit Bend Sinister shared a video for their song "Teacher" off the forthcoming record Animals. The video's trippy opening features the band in hippie-inspired garb. Those unfamiliar with the band might be misled by this intro, expecting a psychedelic tune, but almost out of nowhere, the band quickly breaks into an organ-heavy progressive rocker in a luxurious room surrounded by a plethora of taxidermy animals and Persian rugs.

We also got to listen to the new album from Edmonton punks Slates. The band shared their upcoming New Damage Records debut, Taiga, which was recorded with Steve Albini and features enough distortion and edge to satisfy any punk craving.

Finally, Seattle folk band the Head and the Heart ended the week with a video for their song "Another Story" off the 2013 album Let's Be Still. The beautifully shot video takes place somewhere in the '50s or '60s, telling the tale of a young couple riding bikes and taking photos together before the story takes a dark turn. For those prone to tears, this might be one to grab some tissues for.

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