Get the Latest from Deerhoof, Destroyer and Young Governor in Our Click Hear Roundup

Get the Latest from Deerhoof, Destroyer and Young Governor in Our Click Hear Roundup
With the holidays now a distant memory, we are all (hopefully) back in the groove of real life. But if you feel you may have missed something, head over to the Exclaim! Click Hear section for all the latest track downloads, streams and videos.

First up is the premiere of "I Did Crimes for You" off Deerhoof's upcoming disc Deerhoof vs. Evil. The track opens with plucked acoustic guitar and gang clapping, while Satomi Matsuzaki delivers the cutest threat of violence we've ever heard. If bullets were made from marshmallows and grenades from gumdrops, then Deerhoof are well on their way to defeating evil.

Eminem is pulling heart strings with the leaked song "Difficult," which is in memory of friend and former D12 member, Proof, who was shot and killed outside a Detroit club in 2006. No word on whether the song is a single or perhaps part of something new to come out of the Em camp.

The other week, we showed you the leaked version of his new "Monster" video. Now, Kanye West is back with a new version featuring the monsters of Sesame Street. Next on the docket is Young Governor's new single "Married Man," which is a jab at a friend whose insecurities cause him to obsess over commitment and Cook's feelings to the contrary.

A combination of teenage angst and LSD has manifested itself in the video for "Kaputt," the title track from Destroyer's new album. The video looks like a scene from The Doors movie, with a great '70s-disco-inspired sound. Finally, iconic Californian punk legends, Social Distortion have leaked the first single, "California (Hustle and Flow)" from their upcoming album, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes. The track has a Lynyrd Skynyrd rock'n'roll country sound, with a catchy hook that is begging for radio airtime.

For all of these streams, downloads, videos and more, check out the Exclaim! Click Hear section.