Get the Latest from Daft Punk, Kyprios, the Hold Steady and More in Our Music/Video Roundup

Get the Latest from Daft Punk, Kyprios, the Hold Steady and More in Our Music/Video Roundup
In case you ever wondered what we listen to in the Exclaim! office, here's an easy way to tell: head over to our Music/Video section, where we post the biggest and best tracks, videos and album streams every day. Below, find some of the newest additions to the section from last week.

The music world has been buzzing since Daft Punk announced new album Random Access Memories, and this past week we saw a steady stream of updates from the robots. First, we got hold of an unofficial leak that was later confirmed as a radio edit of "Get Lucky," the duo's disco-fied collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers, but it didn't take long for the official version to be released. Pharrell was also featured on Episode 4 of Daft Punk's Collaborators series, where he gives us an in-depth look at what it was like to work with the robots.

Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless have let loose another track from their upcoming EP, this time offering up the electronic-tinged "Crowded House." After releasing "Verbs," this new sound may not come as a shock, but it's definitely worth a listen.

It's not uncommon for fantasy novels to include song lyrics, but it's rare that one gets to hear anything besides our own imagined tune. Last week, the Hold Steady gave us their "pub-punk number" for "The Bear and the Maiden Fair," from the Game of Thrones books. The song includes author George R. R. Martin's original lyrics and appeared on Game of Thrones and as a new 7-inch.

Finally, Vancouver native Kyprios released The Lap Dog EP last year and now he's put out a video drawing attention to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside as he walks through it in the video. The area is know to be troubled, and to help combat that, all proceeds from the track's sales will go towards different charities in the area.

These are just a few of the new releases from the past week. As always, make sure you head over to our Music/Video section for a full listing.