Get into Theatre Mode with The Back-Up Plan, Oceans and The Losers in This Week's Film Round-Up

Get into Theatre Mode with <i>The Back-Up Plan</i>, <i>Oceans</i> and <i>The Losers</i> in This Week's Film Round-Up
The end of the week is here and the beginning of new film releases is upon us. Pay a visit to the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section to see what's in store this week.

In Alan Poul's The Back-Up Plan, Jennifer Lopez's character Zoe is desperate to have a child, which leads her to artificial insemination. She of course meets the man of her dreams (Alex O'Loughlin) after the fact and tries to develop a relationship with him while trying to keep the early sings of pregnancy under wraps.

In celebration of Earth Day, French ecological documentary, Oceans, directed by Jaques Perrin and Jaques Cluzaud, is also out this weekend. Exploring the oceans of Earth and the creatures that inhabit them, the film reflects on the need to respect aquatic life and exhibits the negative approach that humans take on animals.

Juan José Campanella's El Secreto De Sus Ojos (The Secret in Their Eyes), the poignant Argentine thriller that won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film, is also in theatres this weekend. The flashback feature follows a man writing a novel based on a 25-year-old murder that still haunts him.

Lastly, check out The Losers, an adaptation of the DC war comic of the same name, directed by Sylvain White. Our reviewer believes White's revision "shamelessly strives to invoke a Tarantino vibe, right down to a slow-motion strut nearly cut and pasted from Reservoir Dogs."

So head over to the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section to read the profusion of reviews we have to help guide you through your movie-watching this weekend.