Get Famous!

The Cube, Winnipeg MB, August 17

Get Famous!The Cube, Winnipeg MB, August 17
Photo: Shawn Fillion
Get Famous! don't play very many shows, and after hearing the new material they have been working on for their upcoming EP, Listen at Night, they may be one of the prairie's most underrated acts right now. From the synth-pop style of "Listen at Night" to the nu-disco feel of "Put the Record On" to tracks like "Moons & Stars," JNL Cinemafunk and Aaron Ives struck the perfect balanced between understated guitar, warm synths, vocoder vocals and carefully programmed drums.

Their songs, like the slow-burning "Night Stuff," have an emotive edge, but don't come across as sappy. The only complaint one could have about the show is that it would have been great to hear a longer set, as had been originally planned. Five songs just didn't seem long enough, but I suppose sometimes it's best to leave the crowd wanting more.
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