Get Cinematic with Get Him to the Greek, Splice and More in This Week's Film Round-Up

Get Cinematic with <i>Get Him to the Greek</i>, <i>Splice</i> and More in This Week's Film Round-Up
If you're looking to catch some new flicks this weekend and have no idea what you want to feast your eyes upon, head on over to the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section to give you some clues.

First up, we have Get Him to the Greek, the spin-off sequel to comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill. We've Exclaim!-recommended the Nicholas Stoller-directed flick as Brand reprises his role of out-of-control rock star Aldous Snow. Hill plays a record company intern who's been asked to escort Snow to a concert at L.A.'s Greek Theatre where more than a few narcotic-related mishaps ensue.

Comic canine Marmaduke also hits theatres this weekend, directed by Tom Dey. Starring Owen Wilson as the voice of Marmaduke, the film follows the great dane and his family as they move across Kansas to California in a relentlessly predictable plot, according to our reviewer.

Also out this weekend is the Exclaim!-recommended Splice, directed by Vincenzo Natali. The film follows two scientists who begin to interlink human DNA with animal genes in order to form a hybrid that could completely change the world of medicine. Our reviewer said, "This Freudian freak-out clips along with consistent tension, challenging the audience with alarming psychological acuity that doesn't shy away from the less comforting aspects of psychosexual development."

Lastly, check out our review of Land, the film from Toronto documentarian Julian T. Pinder. Shot over four years, Pinder illustrates Nicaragua's struggle in land progression.

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