The Gertrudes Till the Morning Shows Her Face To Me

The GertrudesTill the Morning Shows Her Face To Me
The Gertrudes deliver another eccentric selection of modern folk music on their second full-length. But the Kingston, ON mega-band have pulled back on the tempos since last year's frenzied debut, Dawn Time Riot. Although they're still a wild kitchen party, at times, most of the album is of a quieter bent, more suitable for an afternoon on the couch under a handmade afghan. The album kicks off with the raucous energy of "Derby Girl." With over-the-top vocals and blasts of trumpet, this ode to a fierce roller-skating vixen is wildly enjoyable. But the band exhaust themselves with the frenetic energy of the opener and ease off for the duration. Although tracks like "Good People" and "Yellow Yard" move at a leisurely pace, the Gertrudes' full arrangements and tendency to break into sprawling jams give even the quieter songs vibrant energy. This is an album that's beautifully representative of all of contemporary folk's finest features. (Apple Crisp)