The German Panzer

Send Them All to Hell

The German PanzerSend Them All to Hell
I will never, ever, say no to a group made up of two dudes from Accept (guitarist Herman Frank and drummer Stefan Schwarzmann) and one dude from Destruction (bassist/vocalist Schmier), even if I basically know what it's going to sound like before listening to it. Here, the production is thick and punchy, the songs arriving at a midpoint between Accept and Destruction (well, what did you expect?), but way more the former than the latter.

Really, this sounds like the heavier Accept material (which is never as good as the less-heavy Accept material, let's be honest) with a German thrash gurgler at the mic, out-Udo-ing Udo's gravel gurgle at times. The mids are predictably anthemic ("Panzer") and the thrashers go hard and fast ("Hail and Kill," not a Manowar cover), and it's fun, solid, kinda forgettable, not mind-bending, but fun enough to make me bang a head and raise an ale, so, mission accomplished. Basically, it sounds like the last few Accept albums, but not as overbearingly long and with half a pint more energy, which ain't bad at all. (Nuclear Blast)
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