Geraldine Pure Bastard Rock

Geraldine are part of a movement of full-bore blues rock that has an educated element to it, yet is savage at the same time. Call it "Blues Punk: The College Years," but it's taking the sound more or less invented by the Gories and the Blues Explosion and built on by bands like Delta 72 and exchanging the soul element for a metal intensity. The lyrics are usually a little clever, and even though the individual bands might not know they're part of an actual movement, they usually hail from cities like Chicago or Austin. The album cover artwork is almost always a bit arty, and is usually more than a bit obscure or non-representative of the music. Those Peabodys are definitely part of this wave, and Zen Guerrilla are the maybe the eldest and most successful band of this wave. As far as the quality of this disc goes, it pays the proper homage to the Stones, MC5, and "unhinged" blues in general. It certainly does rock hard at times, but it just doesn't have any real songs to recommend it, just a lot of young bravado and energy. (Orange)