Geoff Farina Reverse Eclipse

If anyone out there is aware of the amazing and highly underrated post-rock band that is Karate, than you will obviously affix yourself to this disc, since Geoff Farina's second solo disc is quite reflective of what Karate has been sounding like these days. Although I myself have been a little disappointed with Karate's soft, laid-back, lounge-jazz approach of their last two albums, I find Farina's stripped-down solo efforts to be a little more digestible, as they contain only one or two guitars, his voice and, most importantly, his challengingly abstract wit and charm. He sings with a voice that is more like a talking voice, which renders him in all shades of honesty. No acoustic sounds here, just the same electric guitar tenement jazz styling of Karate. This man is a true poet, and is simply worth reading, let alone hearing. (Southern)