Geoff Berner "Swing a Chicken 3 Times over Your Head" (video)

Geoff Berner 'Swing a Chicken 3 Times over Your Head' (video)
Though the illustrated album cover to Geoff Berner's forthcoming We Are Going to Bremen to Be Musicians features a barnyard portrait including donkeys, cats and dogs, it's that fowl figure at the top of the piece that factors into the Vancouver singer-songwriter's new music video. That said, feathered friends might want to steer clear of the accordionist, considering the song it's for is called "Swing a Chicken 3 Times over Your Head."

The klezmer-pop track has Berner howling about his 40th birthday, a raucous milestone that left him bloodied and, as you may have guessed, ready to do some swingin'. The cut-and-paste visuals recreate this with a rubber chicken, while also delivering on-the-beaknose visuals touching on the lyrics' exploration of Superman and Nosferatu's Judaic ancestry.

You'll find the video below, while Berner flings his new album our way October 16 via Coax Records/Oriente Musik.