Gentleman Jesse Unveils 'Leaving Atlanta' LP

Gentleman Jesse Unveils 'Leaving Atlanta' LP
Back in 2008, Atlanta power pop great Jesse Smith released his excellent self-titled debut as Gentleman Jesse & His Men. Now, nearly four years later, Gentleman Jesse has compiled another batch of songs for a new record.

The album is called Leaving Atlanta and, as the title suggests, was born out of some turmoil in the performer's hometown. According to a press release, Atlanta went through a dark period that had a profound affect on Jesse, from the loss of some close friends to a rise in crime. It all came to a head when the artist was helping two strangers change a tire and he ended up being mugged and beaten with a table leg.

Instead of actually leaving, however, Gentleman Jesse retreated to his basement to write and record 20 songs, 13 of which were chosen for Leaving Atlanta. Without ditching the Nick Lowe-esque power pop of his previous work, Leaving Atlanta is described as a natural progression for the artist.

Leaving Atlanta will be available on March 20 via Douchemaster Records. The album can be pre-ordered here.

Leaving Atlanta:

1. "Eat Me Alive"
2. "I'm Only Lonely"
3. "Take It Easy On Me"
4. "What Did I Do"
5. "You Give Me Shivers"
6. "Careful What You Wish For"
7. "Kind Of Uptight"
8. "Frostbite"
9. "I'm A Mess"
10. "Word Gets Around"
11. "Covered Up My Tracks"
12. "Rooting For The Underdog"
13. "We Got To Get Out Of Here"