Genticorum La Bibournoise

It seems the greater folk world is intent on preserving tradition. Yet one of the most distinctive representations of the folk form originated in Canada and these three youthful trailblazers are relentlessly committed in their quest to spread the word by demonstrating the sheer joy of the form. La Bibournoise is their third album, consisting of original instrumentals (featuring wooden flute, fiddle, guitar and feet) and an assortment of Quebec traditional songs as handed down by the likes of André Marchand, Yves Lambert and La Bottine Souriante. Recorded live, true to its heritage, Alex de Grosbois-Garand, Yann Falquet and Pascal Gemme have created something exquisitely passionate that quickens the pulse and forces the feet to tap. The three play as one and, having grown up mastering various instruments, each followed their love for rock and jazz and met up along the way. Rediscovery of traditional music through exposure to Celtic revivals and, in Yann’s case, La Bottine Souriante rekindled their love for the sounds they grew up with. The sheer energy of their performances and the joy they emit translate instantly and infectiously to audiences. Their strong, expressive French vocals and lush harmonies add rich icing to an already sumptuous cake. Any fan of folk music must hear this supercharged trio at all costs. (Roues et Archets/Fusion III)