Genesis Announce Career-Spanning 'R-Kive' Collection

Genesis Announce Career-Spanning 'R-Kive' Collection
In addition to an upcoming BBC documentary, the members of Genesis are exploring their long and storied past with a new compilation encapsulating both their work together and outside solo material.

Dubbed R-Kive, the collection arrives in North America on September 30 through Warner Bros. The three-CD set starts off in the band's early days, beginning with the epic "The Knife" from 1970's Trespass. The first CD features a number of tracks from the Peter Gabriel-era of the band, but caps with a solo track from guitarist Steve Hackett.

The format continues throughout the set, pairing Genesis tracks like "Ripples," "Carpet Crawlers" and "Invisible Touch" with Gabriel's "Solsbury Hill," Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," and various numbers from Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford's Mike + the Mechanics. All told, R-Kive observes 42 years of work, with its 37 songs covering various lineups of Genesis alongside the members' various other projects.

"This album jogs memories about old albums, things people might have missed the first time around," Collins said in a statement of the wide-spanning compendium. "Most of the time, the singles always seem to be the things that are remembered from albums. Sometimes the lesser-known tracks deserve better than to be forgotten."

Rutherford added, "When you put these songs together, it's a wonderfully impressive array and variety of songs. It's an interesting combination that doesn't normally get put on the same page."

You can check out the lengthy tracklist below and the cover art above.


Disc One:

1. "The Knife"
2. "The Musical Box"
3. "Supper's Ready"
4. "The Cinema Show"
5. "I Know What I Like"
6. "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway"
7. "Back In N.Y.C."
8. "The Carpet Crawlers"
9. Steve Hackett - "Ace Of Wands"

Disc Two:

1. "Ripples"
2. "Afterglow"
3. Peter Gabriel - "Solsbury Hill"
4. "Follow You Follow Me"
5. Tony Banks - "For A While"
6. Steve Hackett - "Every Day"
7. Peter Gabriel - "Biko"
8. "Turn It On Again"
9. Phil Collins - "In The Air Tonight"
10. "Abacab"
11. "Mama"
12. "That's All"
13. Phil Collins - "Easy Lover"
14. Mike Rutherford - "Silent Running"

Disc Three:

1. "Invisible Touch"
2. "Land Of Confusion"
3. "Tonight Tonight Tonight"
4. Mike Rutherford - "The Living Years"
5. Tony Banks - "Red Day On Blue Street"
6. "I Can't Dance"
7. "No Son Of Mine"
8. "Hold On My Heart"
9. Mike Rutherford - "Over My Shoulder"
10. "Calling All Stations"
11. Peter Gabriel - "Signal To Noise"
12. Phil Collins - "Wake Up Call"
13. Steve Hackett - "Nomads"
14. Tony Banks - "Siren"