Gene Defcon Throw Up and Die

He's so eerily like a slightly more punk and American version of the World Provider, it's amazing. Gene Defcon's endless 46-track album appears after a five-year silence that makes it seem as if he came out of nowhere. The songs are short and sweet, and as poppy as an old Sloan record. His collage aesthetic means party anthems like "Come Party with Me" get mixed up with bizarre dance music-style slow jams like "Wanna Tell the Boys." Throw Up and Die is a little tiresome because of it's length, but this homemade record fits into the same school of strange as Har Mar Superstar or Gravy Train!!!: freaks, queers and punks need dance parties too and a music-maker like Defcon can properly fill the void because his compositions are well-crafted, silly and totally listenable. Songs involving vampires, zombies, the President and Black Flag mean that each partier can find their anthem and I guess that's the benefit to the length. Put this on and watch your guests go wild. (Retard Disco)