Gemmaluna Around The Sun

Take one look at Nelson, BC recording artist Gemmaluna and you’ll immediately understand the organic, self-embracing aura of Around The Sun. The album cover features her tussled tresses and introspective gaze surrounded by earthy doodles and soulful colours, all visual signifiers for the optimism and feminine strength Gemmaluna paints into her jazzy, folk-brushed songs. "Bloom” is lightly sprinkled with acoustic guitar, as is "Heaven” and "Waves,” but rather than focusing her music on instrumental rhythms Gemmaluna would prefer to showcase her wavy, icy cool vocals. Living in the Kootenay region of BC has undoubtedly influenced the natural mysticism of her voice. As for lyricism though, the soul-searching spirituality Gemmaluna attempts to convey gets a bit overdone at some points, which holds the listener back from delving further into the album. As a whole, Around The Sun is empowering and sensuous but not as tightly woven as it could be. (Oroboros)