Geisha Mondo Dell'Orrore

It’s becoming increasingly rarer in today’s musical climate of interbreeding, mixing and matching and "everything but the kitchen sink” computations for new sounds/combinations emerge. But when they do, they are that much more notable because of it. True, London, UK’s Geisha haven’t reinvented the wheel (or, music, for that matter) but much like the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, have combined two tried and true but disparate musical styles for a unique and affecting result that makes you wonder: this is so awesome, why the hell hasn’t someone done this before? Mondo Dell’Orrore ("World of Horror”) seamlessly and effortlessly fuses the metallic grind and abrasion of the most ferocious noise rock purveyors (early Helmet, the Melvins, Am-Rep’s most notable exports, etc.) with the swirling indie rock explorations of the ’90s (i.e. My Bloody Valentine, Dinosaur Jr.) for a sound that — while always distorted and aggressive — fuses moments of melody with madness to glorious results. While more than competent and damaging with their aggression, it’s Geisha’s proficiency with this seamless blending and the competency in delivering their building, cascading, semi-melodic freak-outs that make Mondo Dell’Orrore so special and captivating. (Crucial Blast)