Geiger Out of Tune

In the past few years, Kompakt’s distribution network has been fostering close to 70 nascent electronic labels, many of which pump out the twelve-inch singles that consistently keep Germany at the forefront of club music. As was the case with Shitkatapult and Areal — every once in a while one of these beat boutiques will grow into a more developed, distinct roster and begin issuing surprisingly solid full-lengths. Out of Tune, the debut album by Cologne’s Geiger, is one of those albums. The first act on the Firm imprint to graduate from vinyl to CD, Geiger is best known for his amazing remix of Dorau/Kohnke’s "Durch Die Nacht,” which has been co-opted for a number of comps and mix discs, most notably Optimo’s stellar Psyche Out mix. The inclusion on a psych/techno fusion mix is indicative of the direction Out of Tune chooses. Whereas the beats resemble much of the Kompakt-issued fare, Geiger’s lyrics and lazy, blissed-out acoustic guitar work are reminiscent of the West Coast pop neo-psychedelia of bands like Brian Jonestown Massacre and the quieter moments of the Warlocks. The result is a fitting update for Madchester fans; at the core here are Primal Scream, Happy Mondays, and the Stone Roses, devoid of all their British-isms and instead stuffed full of Teutonic circuitry and blotter acid. More and more artists have been moving into this grey area between psych and techno as of late, with Geiger standing out as one of the fusion’s stronger examples. (Firm)