Gee Wunder For the People: The Street Album III

On For the People, Toronto, ON veteran Gee Wunder delivers an 18-track album featuring almost no guest artists, only two or three skits ― all of which are actually entertaining ― and tight, complex rhymes spit over atmospheric boom-bap beats. Wunder's gruff, grizzled, throat-full-of-glass voice and polysyllabic flow are well suited to For the People's street-minded content. The mix of tales of hustling ("No Days Off"), stress and frustration ("Rent's Past Due," "Pressure Busts Pipes") and girl chasing ("Step Ur Game Up") means that the subject matter isn't necessarily original, but Wunder's skill with words and engaging vocal style help him put a fresh spin on old topics. The beats are fairly simple, mid-tempo and thick, with soul vocal samples, giving For the People a sort of organic vibe. For the People is that rarest of creatures: an album where every track is strong. There's no filler and about a half-dozen potential singles. If there were any justice in the world, this sort of quality would be enough to push Wunder from underground vet to crossover success. (Urbnet)