Gear Up for a Night in Stones in Exile, The Wolfman, Green Zone and More in This Week's DVD Review Round-up

Gear Up for a Night in <i>Stones in Exile</i>, <i>The Wolfman</i>, <i>Green Zone</i> and More in This Week's DVD Review Round-up
If you're looking to spend a good night in, click on over to our Exclaim! Recently Reviewed motion section to determine what flicks are couch-worthy this week.

First off, the Exclaim!-recommended pick this week is the music DVD Stones in Exile, a vibrant glimpse behind the scenes with the Rolling Stones. Featuring interviews with past members and ex-lovers, the Stephen Kijak-directed documentary delves deep into the impact of the 1972 album Exile on Main St.

Peter Duncan's Unfinished Sky, a loose recreation of the Dutch film De Poolse Bruid, follows an Afghani woman proceeding her escape from a brothel who ends up developing a romantic relationship that leads to a path of self-discovery. Biopic The Last Station, directed by Michael Hoffman, is also out this week, and tells the historical tale of celebrated Russian writer and philosopher Leo Tolstoy and his struggle to harmonize his fame and wealth.

Action thriller Green Zone, directed by Paul Greengrass, documents the life in the Green Zone, Baghdad, and stars Matt Damon. And the remake of the classic werewolf story The Wolfman, directed by Joe Johnston, features Benicio Del Toro taking on the role (and transformation) of Shakespearian actor to beast.

Lastly, for animated TV fans, out now are volume eight of Family Guy and volume five of American Dad. Season six of HBO's Entourage has also been released and continues with the story about an A-list movie star who shares his Hollywood highs and lows with childhood buddies.

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