Gaza Members Reunite as Cult Leader

Gaza Members Reunite as Cult Leader
When Salt Lake City grinders Gaza called it quits in March, the act wrote that "some of us will continue to make music together." True to their word, members of the band have reunited under the banner Cult Leader.

Adding bassist Sam Richards, the quartet brings back together guitarist Mike Mason, drummer Casey Hansen and Anthony Lucero, who will now serve as the band's vocalist. A quick note on the outfit's Facebook page states that "We once were another band, and now we're a better one."

Long-term plans have yet to be announced, but Cult Leader play their first official show June 13 at Salt Lake City's Shred Shed. You can get more details on the concert over here.

Missing from the new band is former Gaza singer Jon Parkin, who made headlines earlier this year over allegations of rape. Parkin denied the accusations made online by an anonymous woman from Boise, ID, calling her actions "reckless and completely slanderous" and "a black mark on us that is undeserved and untrue." The woman later removed the allegations from her Tumblr account, but didn't retract her statement.

Read an interview with Lucero here.