Gaytheist Hold Me... But Not So Tight

GaytheistHold Me... But Not So Tight
At the filthy intersection between crusty garage punk, fuzzed-out sludge metal and deliciously sloppy hard rock dwell Gaytheist. Based in Portland, OR, the second record from the disarmingly clever trio has maintained all the impudence of their debut while adding an oily, sleazy sexuality that serves their aesthetic well. "Spread 'Em" captures this lascivious creepiness perfectly, while also being a blistering slab of well-executed rock, full of titillating riffs and unexpected flourishes. The songs have strong grooves and deep hooks, making for a deeply pleasurable listen that also manages to surprise with unexpected moments. Not to mention, they have one of the better band names in the business. While it is all too easy to get caught up in Gaytheist's appealing slickness and style, when held up to scrutiny there's some awfully tasty substance backing it up. (Good To Die)