Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon Reveals Horrible Crowes Side-Project

Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon Reveals Horrible Crowes Side-Project
New Jersey's bluest-collared rockers the Gaslight Anthem already have three top-notch albums under their tool belts, so it's understandable that they might be slowing things down for a little while. Frontman Brian Fallon has announced that the band probably won't release a new album until 2012. Instead, he is collaborating with Ian Perkins on a new project called the Horrible Crowes.

In a lengthy blog post, Fallon revealed the project, explaining, "Anyway, so here's the deal... the 'night time music' is myself and Mr. Ian Perkins, and what we're doing is writing songs and making demos at the very moment. We hope to put out a full-length record sometime this year, before it gets cold again, I don't know with whom, or when exactly it will come out. But the point is, it's coming out. We're calling ourselves the Horrible Crowes."

As for the Horrible Crowes' sound, he was careful with his description, saying, "There's organs, pianos, even (gasp) strings!!! There's drums, everything. So don't expect a folk record. Here's a good description, if Tom Waits, the National, the Afghan Whigs, Bon Iver, and Nick Cave made a band with Percy Sledge that'd be called the Horrible Crowes."

Gaslight Anthem fans worried about how this new project will affect the New Jersey punk band can fret not, as Fallon is very clear about his priorities on his blog. "Every time I write a creepy Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Mark Laneghan [sic] type song, I get an idea for a ripper which goes straight to Gaslight," he explains, adding, "So we're writing for both now, but Gaslight isn't planning on recording until the fall, for a 2012 release. Now I can't sit still so I'm doing this for fun, nothing more... This is my 'for me' record, Gaslight is my baby, no mistake."

As with most bands starting these days, the Horrible Crowes are connected to social networks despite the fact that they haven't released any music just yet. Fans can keep up with the band on their Facebook page or by following them on Twitter.