Gaslight Anthem Let Fans Have the Final Word on American Slang

Gaslight Anthem Let Fans Have the Final Word on <i>American Slang</i>
The Gaslight Anthem are about to find out just how good their new album is. The quartet released their third album American Slang last week, which has been well-received by media so far. However, lead singer Brian Fallon says he waiting for fans' reactions at shows to determine if the reviews are accurate. With a big summer tour scheduled, he'll find out soon enough.

"I know what the magazines think, but I don't really know what the kids think," Fallon tells Exclaim! in a recent interview. "I remember reading magazine interviews [when I was young] – a lot of times I'd be excited that a band I love was in there but wouldn't pay attention to what they said about the record. I'm not sure if other people are like that. The reviews are good so far, but you don't really know until you play live shows, because kids can just be like, "Boo! That song is terrible!"

The ten-song album furthers the band's maturation and reveals their desire to move beyond their influences and pave their own sound. "The goal from the beginning was to have more soul," Fallon says. "We wrote so many fast songs with the same beat that I didn't have any ideas for that anymore. I wanted to make a record that's [still intense], but would make people dance."

The Gaslight Anthem are crossing the border to play Toronto on July 14 and Montreal on August 1 the Osheaga Festival at this summer, so be sure to check out the tour and let them know what you really think of the new disc.

American Slang is out now on SideOneDummy. You can see all the band's tour dates here