The Gaslight Anthem NYC Studio Sessions Part 4

The Gaslight Anthem NYC Studio Sessions Part 4 is exclusively featuring the fourth instalment in a seven-part video series looking at the making of the Gaslight Anthem's forthcoming album, American Slang. In this fourth instalment, bassist Alex Levine discusses how taking more time to write their songs resulted in a more complete album.

"It's definitely our most complete work I think to date. We definitely spent more time on these songs before going into the studio than we have on any other songs. Some of these songs have been written for about three months... Now it's an overall feeling of accomplishment, you know, really being proud of what you're doing."

American Slang will be available physically and on iTunes on June 15 via Side One Dummy.

Watch the video for Part 4 of the American Slang studio diary from Gaslight Anthem below.

Watch the previous instalments below.