The Gaslight Anthem "Get Hurt" (video)

The Gaslight Anthem 'Get Hurt' (video)
While a number of bar patrons appear to be having a fine time dancing to the heart-tugging title track to rockers the Gaslight Anthem's Get Hurt, the feather-flying video for the ballad appears to have totally wrecked a flock of geese.

It's a simply-stated clip, with the Jersey unit playing a small town club for a bunch of saddened showgoers. As the song ramps up its intensity, though, we see various characters start licking each other, dancing around and otherwise going bananas for the band. One woman's kick-heavy routine finds her covered in down, leading us to wonder if a pillow fight took place off-screen or if some fine feathered friends, ahem, got hurt.

You'll find the video down below.

Get Hurt arrives August 12 through Island.