Gary Young's Hospital The Grey Album

This is not another mash-up album. However, it is the third album by one of indie rock’s most eccentric figures. For those unfamiliar with Gary Young, he was the original drummer in Pavement, who quickly became the "indie Pete Best” when he quit the band just before Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain was recorded. Leaving for many different reasons (drinking, the major age difference, ridiculous demands) rumours quickly circulated that it was in fact because he was a major Yes fan. Knowing that, one would expect The Grey Album to be flowing with ten-minute keyboard solos ("The Long Song” comes close), but instead, Young’s chosen his direction as disorderly lo-fi folk rock. He likes to have fun with his music, behaving like a child with a colouring book — he consistently goes outside the lines. The Grey Album is mostly incoherent songs that thrive on idiosyncrasies, leaving too many moments where you wonder whether he’s a brilliant madman or just a sloppy fledgling songwriter. The enjoyment depends on how much you actually care. (Omnibus)