Gary War Announces 'Jared's Lot' for Spectrum Spools

Gary War Announces 'Jared's Lot' for Spectrum Spools
Lo-fi pop weirdo Gary War just released an album with Human Teenager, his collaborative project with Taylor Richardson, but the musician will get back to the solo grind this summer when he delivers Jared's Lot. The third full-length solo LP from War arrives July 24 through Spectrum Spools.

According to a press release, the psychedelic popster's latest effort is "a more synthetic-based set of tracks." While past recordings have been marked by off-kilter lo-fi production, Jared's Lot is described as "a huge leap forward in both sound and vision."

Apparent highlights include the anthemic but melancholy opener "Thousand Yard Stare," and the odd rhythms of pop rock experiments "Advancements in Disgust" and "World After." You can check out the detailed tracklisting down below and the cover art up above.

Though he delivered the Police Water EP in 2010, Jared's Lot is the first Gary War album since 2009's Horrible Parades.

Jared's Lot:

1. Thousand Yard Stare
2. Advancements In Disgust
3. Superlifer
4. Find Our Way
5. Pleading For Annihilation
6. Care Less
7. World After
8. Muscle Dysmorphia