Gap Dream Shine Your Light

Gap DreamShine Your Light
It hasn't taken long, but Gabriel Fulvimar may have fully realized his vision. The man behind Gap Dream wrote, recorded and produced his 2012 self-titled debut, but it ultimately failed to find its footing, stumbling between meandering psych jams and electronically-infused garage numbers. But there were hints of Fulvimar's brilliance: when he did execute transitions within tracks between engaging synths and comfortable, almost carefree riffs, they were executed with precision. It's that intoxicating blend of late night, tripped-out electronics and melodic psych that is featured prominently on Shine Your Light, and it's a notable improvement.

There's an effortless build to the stronger tracks, including "You're Home From The Shadow" and "Immediate Life Sentence," that makes Shine Your Light destined for the type of parties that never seem to end. Sure enough, Fulvimar is prone to examining underworld culture through his prodding lyrics, as evidenced by "There's Blood On The Stone," which pulsates wildly as it tells the tale of a hunter and its prey. He hasn't completely grown morbid though, as he spends most of "Immediate Life Sentence" bemoaning a pesky woman, instead opting to spend time by his lonesome, indulging: "Drinkin' seven-dollar beers all alone while you cackle like a hen."

He may still take unnecessary liberties from time to time, most notably on the blatant Beatles rip-off "Shine Your Love," but those missteps are few and far between. Fulvimar still knows how to have a good time, but he's managed to focus that much more as well. (Burger Records)