Gangcharger Metal Sun

One of the first bands in the past decade to wave their Sonic Youth influences so proudly one might mistake this duo for the NYC-based art rockers, Gangcharger tap directly into the loose, borderline-chaotic drive exemplified on albums such as Dirty and Goo. From the barely-distorted guitar, squealing background noises, distant vocals and brash drums to a general sense that this couldn't become more lax if they were laying on the ground in a prone position, there's a haunting familiarity to Metal Sun that Gangcharger just can't seem to shake, for both good and bad reasons. On the downside, it does make them seem somewhat generic and derivative. Still, the album's spaced-out grooviness (Spiritualized are also a band that clearly play a strong role in Metal Sun) is better than we've heard from the originators in years, making it a decidedly fun experience in garage rock experimentation. (Weather Center)