Gang Gang Dance Hillulah

Originally assembled as a last minute, tour-only CD-R last year for their stint as Animal Collective’s opening act, this EP from New York City’s Gang Gang Dance is a nice accentuation on their current buzz as one of the hottest underground avant-noise acts. Following the recent release of their stunningly hypnotic debut album, God’s Money, Hillulah removes the band from the studio that works wonders for their limitless structures and places them onto the stage in front of an audience — and it doesn’t seem to faze their clatter. Split into cuts from four different performances, the less than professional quality of production actually works in their favour, especially because of the drastic shift in moods and styles. "North Sixth” exhibits their range of exotic Eastern influences in Lizzi Bougatsos’ unique and gifted cry and the plentiful measures of percussion. "The Cooler,” on the other hand, attacks with an abrasive pounding beat and doesn’t let up as it winds deeper into a whirlwind of maddened drums and radical bursts of pedal noise and feedback, amongst the nebulous vocals. A mere four tracks might seem like a typical EP’s length, however, anyone who’s witnessed the band’s exceptional live show will know how long this band can keep audiences entranced and should know picking this up is a worthy addition to their GGD collection. (Social Registry)