The Game Doctor's Advocate

Despite his own unfortunate involvement, the Game’s debut album The Documentary was actually quite engaging. The main reason for the record’s appeal was the sonic heft provided by Dr. Dre and the assists he received from being affiliated with Aftermath and G-Unit. The Game himself proved to be a barely adept MC with an irritating penchant for name-dropping at every opportunity. On this new effort, he’s lost his all-star supporting cast and wrestles with this fact throughout. Yet while he’s noticeably improved his mic skills, the Game’s tiresome connect-the dots rhyme style prevails derailing any thematic consistency he manages to attain. He seems to be under the delusional impression that comparing himself to legendary rappers will put himself in their company. The countless references and mentions of Dr. Dre are curious given the fact that he’s not involved with this record at all. However his influence is evident in many of the beats and bewilderingly, the Game’s own lyrical delivery. Ironically, the standout tracks on the album aren’t aspiring to g-funk. provides some melodic thump for "Compton” and Just Blaze continues his hot streak with the gospel-tinged epic "Why You Hate the Game.” As this nine-minute track fades out, ending the album, it’s no coincidence that there’s a realisation that the Game’s mic presence is submerged under appearances by Nas, vocalist Marsha Ambrosius and even Just Blaze himself. Perhaps if he stopped referring to others so much we might know a little more about him. (Geffen)