Gama Bomb Citizen Bomb

Perceived as yet another in the onslaught of bands picking up on the thrash metal revival now that it’s hot again, Gama Bomb have actually been carrying that torch for a while despite this only being their sophomore release. With latest effort Citizen Brain, they maintain their full steam ahead mentality and unleash more than a couple of searing hot guitar riffs, double-time beats and gritty wails. It falls somewhere between the virtual comedic tendencies and Joey Belladonna crooning of ’80s Anthrax and the hyperactivity/vocal babbling of Exodus. Keeping that company is never a bad thing. However, unlike those predecessors, Gama Bomb fail to instil their metal with enough conviction to make it undeniably infectious. With a touch more severity and fewer moments of over-the-top screams, à la Bruce Dickinson or Slayer’s "Angel Of Death,” this might have the balls it so desperately wishes to convey. As is, however, it’s above par but not by much. (Earache)