Gallows Issuing Next LP on Their Own Venn Records Imprint

Gallows Issuing Next LP on Their Own Venn Records Imprint
As previously reported, English hardcore troupe Gallows recently started up studio sessions for their next LP, their first full-length with new singer and former Alexisonfire guitarist Wade MacNeil. That's not the only significant change for the group, though, as the group have announced they will issue the record on their new label, Venn Records.

A short statement from the group explains that they've decided to go the DIY route after being dropped by Warner Bros. in 2010 following the release of their sophomore effort, Grey Britain. The following year's Death Is Birth EP arrived via Thirty Days of Night.

"For the last seven years we have trudged step by step through the dark sewers of music industry," the outfit explained. "Shaking hands with snakes and signing contracts drafted by thieves with perfect teeth. We are happy to announce that we have become part of the problem. All hail Venn Records."

Details are still scant on Gallows' as-yet-untitled new album, but the band have now revealed that Steve Sears and Thomas Mitchener have signed on to co-produce the disc, which should arrive in September.

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