Gallows + Cancer Bats vs. Cute Shit

Gallows + Cancer Bats vs. Cute Shit
It's a given that Gallows are easily the most over-hyped band in the U.K. right now. But as with all the over-hyped U.K. bands before them, the terrifyingly intense love of NME does not mean that they aren't awesome. It just means they're now fighting the notion that they are somehow undeserving of any kind of hyperbolic praise. Well, Gallows are awesome. And all music journalism relies on hyperbole. Frank Carter, the band's diminutive but utterly engaging (and extremely energetic) frontman, is probably one of the most entertaining (and, importantly, talented) rock and roll vocalists to have emerged in the last few years. In conclusion, fuck the haters.

The band has been crawling across North America with Toronto's dirtiest purveyors of catchy stoner-riff-hardcore, Cancer Bats. The two make for a killer double bill; Cancer Bats might not have the support of every music magazine in Europe, but they still manage to come to close to blowing the Brits off the stage every night. With a new full-length slated for release in April, these crusty-looking kids are probably going to take over the world or something. At least, the world of people who dig Entombed.

This is second time we've tackled some cute bullshit. Fact is, I think it's really funny. When it comes to two-plus band bills, it's hard to find a quiz subject that everyone can agree on. Strung Out love motocross, but if they were playing a show with Final Fantasy, I can't imagine the video turning out quite as cohesive. So, bottom line: it's funny when guys in heavy bands talk about bunnies. Every single time.

Both bands were good sports about the whole thing. We also talked about some non-cute-things stuff, and those videos will be up here this coming Wednesday. Not included will be footage of a poorly thought-out circle pit I joined during Gallows' cover of "Nervous Breakdown". Sometimes you just gotta move.

Sam Sutherland

Check out full interviews with Gallows and Cancer Bats here on Wednesday.

Gallows "Abandon Ship"

Cancer Bats "Pneumonia Hawk"