Gallows "Outsider Art" (video)

Gallows 'Outsider Art' (video)
With the release of Gallows' self-titled set just around the corner, the UK band are heading into promotional overload. We recently received the protest-minded video clip for "Last June," not to mention a North American tour announcement, and now the hardcore troupe have offered another video clip, this time for "Outsider Art."

The tune builds up slowly with muted guitar chords and an almost-sung verse from new screecher Wade MacNeil before exploding into fist-pumping anthem. The song plays a little poppier than what else we've heard from the act lately, but there is a hard-edged breakdown buried mid-song.

As for the video, it starts off following some girls into a club, which the Gallows dudes can't get into, mind you. Things take a turn for the worst when one girl gets attacked in alley on her way home. She gets her revenge later on when she tosses on a motorcycle helmet and kicks the crap out of some sleazoids playing a poker game in a nearby warehouse. You can see for yourself down below.

As previously reported, Gallows arrives September 11 via Universal Music Canada/Venn.